Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school uniform?

The school colour leotards for class (and the RAD exams from Grade 1) are as follows:

Preparatory to Grade 1 is pink, Grade 2/3 is lavender, Grade 4/5 is navy, Grade 6 is mulberry, Grade 7 is black and Grade 8 is green.

Pink ballet socks are worn for Preparatory to Grade 2 for the exam, though tights can be worn in class if preferred. Pink ballet tights are worn from Grade 3 and upwards for class and for the exams.

For the exams an elastic belt, same colour as leotard should be worn. This is usually purchased with the leotard.

Full soled canvas or leather pink ballet shoes should be worn up to Grade 2.

Split-soled canvas or leather pink ballet shoes can be worn from Grade 3 and upwards.

What should my child wear for 1st day of ballet class?

There is no need to go to the expense of buying the uniform for this class. Children can wear anything comfortable in which they can move freely; leggings and T-shirt and soft shoes or bare feet would be ideal. Hair should be tied back in a neat ponytail.

How do the fees work?

The first class is a trial lesson and free of charge. If your child is happy to continue with lessons the next 2 classes are included in the registration fee of £25.
We will then send an invoice for the remainder of the term. Fees are paid termly in advance after this.

Are the children presented for exams?

The school is registered with RAD (the Royal Academy of Dance) and we present children for RAD exams from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and the vocational exams from Inter Foundation.

Must my child take the exam?

It is not compulsory to take the RAD exams. Although we gently encourage the children to work towards the exams some children may not wish to.
As long as they have covered all the syllabus work to a certain standard in class and feel happy and confident to progress to the next level with their classmates then this is absolutely fine.

Do we have school shows?

Yes! We perform our school shows at the Churchill Theatre. The shows take the form of full length ballets. Next spring the pupils will take part in Snow White and Rose Red and all the children in the school will take part.

Can Parents come to watch classes?

Parents are invited to come to watch their child’s last class of term before Christmas when the class groups can display their syllabus work, solo dances and choreography. Newsletters are sent out with all up and coming events such as exams, shows and parents days.